Welcome to Musica Plenti

This group, which commissioned Artaban in 1999, is an award-winning vocal chamber ensemble formed in Connecticut in 1987. Its members are professional singers who combine solo virtuosity with sensitive ensemble singing. Their repertoire covers a wide range of classical music from madrigals and motets to opera and modern American music. In recent years they have earned critical acclaim for commissioning works for chorus, soloists and instrumentalists.

Musica Plenti was honored to receive a 1998 Award of Merit with an Excellent Rating from the National Federation of Music Clubs for its presentations of American music.

The purpose of Musica Plenti is to enrich the community-at-large by:

Presenting a rich repertoire of music for vocal chamber ensemble, from traditional to contemporary, in an informal, intimate manner that creates a close connection with audiences.

Encouraging the writing and performance of new compositions for vocal chamber ensemble, in order to preserve and expand the heritage of American music.

Creating a series of musical experiences for small groups with an emphasis on young people, in which we invite and inspire the audience to explore more deeply with us the meaning, technique and power of music-making.

Enhancing community celebrations, including charitable benefits with programs especially designed for these occasions.

the 20th Anniversary of Musica Plenti

We invite you to be part of our grand celebration--the 20th Anniversary of Musica Plenti, the award-winning vocal chamber ensemble.

For twenty years, we have enriched the community with performances of a wonderful variety of vocal chamber music, from medieval to contemporary, from art songs to opera. We have made a specialty of singing American music, and have premiered works by such distinguished regional composers as Constance Walton, Robert Puleo, John Velonis and Alma Hamilton.
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